Some of our Most Popular Groups

Duquesne has 250+ student organizations that you can join to make friends, learn something new, 而且 get involved on campus. Currently, there are 25 organizations with a focus on cultural 而且 religious identities, including but not limited to:

国际 学生 Organization, best known as ISO, is one of the largest student organizations on campus. 他们努力 to promote cultural appreciation 而且 awareness to both international 而且 American 学生 through social activities such as weekly meetings 而且 large-scale events with related student organizations. ISO seeks to have 学生 share their own personal narratives 而且 traditions with others in order to create a meaningful cross-cultural 经验. 的y want their members to embrace diversity 而且 be able to see beyond their own borders by appreciating the aspirations, cultures, 而且 concerns of fellow 学生.

的 Asian 学生 Association serves as a representative body that acts in the interest of Asian 学生, Asian student groups, 而且 学生 interested in Asian culture. 的 association serves the campus by promoting, supporting, 而且 exposing 学生 而且 faculty with social events such as the Asian Festival in the fall 而且 the Lunar New Year Celebration in the spring. We also provide its members the chance to learn about Asian culture through various social activities.

Some of the activities include: preparing Asian food, activities during ISO Week, ISO dance performances, attending the Dragonboat Festival downtown, volunteering for the Silk Screen Festival, 而且 interacting with international 学生.

Previous events hosted by ASA have included:

  • ISO欢迎回归派对
  • 冰淇淋电影之夜!
  • Philippine Madrigal Singers
  • 鸡蛋制作之夜
  • 寿司的节日!
  • University of Pittsburgh ASA - Kaba Modern Performance
  • 晚餐讨论
  • 纸灯笼装饰
  • 恐怖电影之夜!
  • 亚洲嘻哈峰会
  • 与亚洲僧人讨论
  • 亚洲聚餐
  • 不同宗教间的对话
  • Annual New Year Celebrations

Chinese 学生 而且 Scholars Association (CSSA) of 信誉最好的网投十大平台 is an organization for overseas Chinese 学生 而且 scholars. CSSA seeks to help Chinese 学生 to start their lives in Pittsburgh, to have a warm family when they are studying abroad, to promote 而且 display Chinese culture, to establish connections with other groups on campus 而且 other universities, 而且 to provide a platform for Chinese 学生 而且 scholars to communicate with each other. CSSA would hold a series of events every year: celebration of Chinese traditional festivals with Chinese 学生, welcome party for new 学生, etc.

信誉最好的网投十大平台中国学生学者联谊会(CSSA)是一个面向海外中国学生学者的组织。 CSSA旨在帮助中国学生在匹兹堡开始他们的生活,在出国留学时拥有一个温暖的家庭,弘扬和展示中国文化,与信誉最好的网投十大平台内其他团体以及其他学校建立联系,并为中国学生与学者提供一个互相交流的平台。每年CSSA会举办一系列活动:与中国学生一起庆祝中国传统节日,迎新聚会等。

的 Latin American Student Association is a cultural organization that attempts to inform 而且 educate the people of 信誉最好的网投十大平台 about Latino culture. 我们的目标 is to embrace the diversity of our heritage 而且 share our culture with others. We believe that LASA can help to unite people through a common underst而且ing of each other's backgrounds while helping to change negative images that have been created 通过无知.

Apart from the informative aspect of our organization, we also provide academic 机会 to 学生 of Latino descent as well as 学生 who are majoring in Spanish or those who have in interest in Latino culture. We conduct projects that enrich our communities 而且 strengthen our members' character. Our motto is "Change happens with education, education creates underst而且ing 而且 underst而且ing unites us all".

We regularly work with the the 国际 Student Organization 而且 other student events to expose our local campus community to Latino culture through food, dance 和信息会议. We also organize events for Hispanic Heritage month, salsa classes 而且 a La Posadas food festival.

Come join us for a taste of Latino Culture on campus!

Saudi 学生 Orgnization (SSO) mission is to promote the Saudi culture 而且 clarify misconceptions while promoting peace 而且 intercultural dialogues. In order to achieve its mission, SSO organizes social, educational, sport 而且 cultural events. Also, SSO strives to help Saudis around 信誉最好的网投十大平台's campus to adapt to the American culture.